Dragon and Sword

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Dragon and Sword is a kernel design 3D-SRPG game for players.

The story takes place in a fantasy world called Aos Continent, where players will play as an ordinary teenager and his companions in an adventure. Around the development of the story, the game has added a large number of heroic characters and magical creatures! The game also features character development, character transfer, equipment building, adventures and mines, arenas, and many RPG gameplay elements, providing players with a rich, strategic, and relaxing nurturing experience.

Complicated strategic battle gameplay

※. Attribute restraint: water restrains fire, fire restrains wood, wood restrains lightning; after being restrained, the damage increases ......
※. Terrain gain: grass can increase hit, forest reduce evasion ......
※. Terrain attributes: the map also has elemental attributes, with the same elemental characters, together with additional damage increase ......
※. Map height difference: melee skills can't hit enemies high up, magic skills can fly over hills ......
※. Everyone has a different range of skills, stand in a position where enemies can't hit, they can't counterattack.
※. Skills carry buffs strategy, freeze, stun, make the enemy can not move.
※. The main reason for this is that you can't get a good idea of what you're doing.

The elements of RPG training

The main elements of RPG development are: *. Character promotion, advancement, and finally the completion of the character's transfer and awakening.
※. Equipment system; equipment production, upgrading, and decomposition.
※. Food and talent cultivation; ingredients are cooked and fed to the characters, and there are also cooking mini-games like Star Ocean 1.

▪ Rich battle objectives: kill, destroy all enemies, protect the target, escape from the location, hold on to the number of rounds, protect the village, a variety of level conditions

▪ Real-time PvP.
-Dual arena system, real-time operation is like two sides are playing chess; players compete for ranking.
-Team mission gameplay! Call on your friends to help you.
Call your friends to help you. -BOSS call, gather the power of all the strong people together to kill him.

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