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Play house cleaning game and fix the messy house. Clean up the drawing room, kitchen, toilet, bathroom, fix the cycle, clean the garden, pet house, and swimming pool. Play small puzzle game while cleaning your room. Have tons of fun playing in the playground and house cleaning games! Learn how to clean up your room, do laundry, clean the bathroom and wash the dishes.

Take good care of your pet house. Clean up your puppy's doghouse and give him new bone. Play outside the house too - design your dream garden and more!

Why this House Cleaning Game is different?

Bathroom Cleaning: You have to pay attention to the instructions. First, you have to repair the sink, it has a problem and all water is on the floor. You have to unplug the sink and repair the water tap. After that, clean all the stains.

Cycle Repair: With this Cycle Repair game you can easily get your new bike prepared and fixed ready for your big day out at the park. You get to choose your very own cycle to wash, rinse, and dry to make it all nice and clean when out and about. Repair the front tire and add a patch to the hole before pumping it up!

Swimming pool cleaning: The pool has dust, mud and dirt sticking to it. Trash, junk, and garbage are also thrown in the pool. Pick up your cleaning tools, a garbage can and get to the cleaning task.

What will you get?

Bathroom Cleaning : You have to repair the sink and water tap, it has a problem and all water is on the floor. Clean all the stains use special detergent, disinfect with chlorine.

Bedroom Cleaning : Collect the trash and put in the garbage can, clean the windows, replace the broken object, make sure the areas where the bacteria might be hidden are all cleaned up and disinfected well.

Cycle Repair : Wash, rinse, and dry your bike until it is squeaky clean. Repair the front flat tire and pump it up.

Drawing room Cleaning : In drawing room there are other things you have to do: to get rid of the garbage, to collect it and place it in the trash can, to wash the carpet and make sure you don’t see any footprints over there, to wash the window and the picture frame and then to wipe it, clean the dust and to rearrange the missing objects around the place.

Garden Cleaning : Create the garden of your dream and develop your ability to clean, repair and decorate things around you. You got to be a gardener and take care of every garden in this game.

Pet house Cleaning : Experience the most fun learning game of pet house cleanup & home dirt cleaning. Select your favorite scene, do messy house cleaning, washing and decoration.

Swimming pool Cleaning : Build your own swimming pool by repairing the dirty, damaged pool with the help of your tools and have a pool party with best friends in the summer vacations.

If you have any question or query, you can get in touch with our development team and will get back to you within 24 hours. Write your ideas about more games and share your feedback to us at : apps.support@yories.com.

So what are you waiting for ?? Let’s start your house renovation adventure in a different way through a House Cleaning Games simulator and create your dream home.

Download the House Cleaning Game now!

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