Mafia Rule

آخر تحديث: 2021-06-28 إصدار: 1.0.8
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Wealth, fame, women, wonderful parties, 🍷delicious wine, the Throne...
If you want to have them, aim at another mafia gang in the city and pull the trigger. 🔫
It will make you famous and create a new City Legend.

Drag and merge soldiers to upgrade your army
Unlock more parking spots and dispatch sniper cars
Unlock different capos and soldiers to combine as you please

💂- More than 20 kinds of soldiers from different factions, recruited to become the largest gang in the city:snipers, assassins, spies, robbers, etc.
💵 - Cash makes almost everything run smoothly. Make tons of cash to build a stronger army for your mafia empire.
♟️ - It's up to you to decide the battle strategy, merge and upgrade your soldiers freely, and determine their position in the car/garage 🚗
🔫 - Challenge season: unlock more than 30 mafia passes that can protect you in critical moments
🎊 - Interesting slots events andlucky wheel: let's explore the new surprises here! 🎰
😀 - More than 3000 levels: gradually expand your city map and become the center of the mafia
🏆 - Compete with your friends, win gold medals, and become an apex legend

Kill the opposing thugs with your missiles and guns to get money and diamonds. 💎
Who doesn't want to be a millionaire? 💸 Now start to build your gangster empire and become a Mafia Tycoon!

Any problems or suggestions?
Feel free to send a message to
We are always happy to receive your feedback.

The new world needs mafia rule. Become the leader of your own mafia and struggle to survive to the end.
You are the Power behind the throne to grow your mafia. You plan and decide which missions your mafia members conduct. This deplorable city is where you and your team start. Remember that the more victories you've experienced, the more money you’ll make in the end! You must ally your soldiers to fight against the dominating gang and the cops with all kinds of weapons. You’ll also train your representative for your mafia empire with your rule!

MAFIA RULE is a free sniper simulator game that combines idle and shooting. You can fight the enemy without any operation.
Of course, you can also click to shoot or launch a missile. If you want to end the war quickly, click the double speed button.

If you want to be a tycoon, make as much money as you can and recruit new buddies to get more money for you.

MAFIA RULE is also a playgendary action arcade game. It collects cards of legendary soldiers for free to form powerful gangs.

Those fanatics are challenging you. Defeat them through simple operation and strategy. This is the funniest gangster crime game.

Anyone will like this no-wifi game. You will be the most eye-catching adventure capitalist in this city. Come and enjoy this casual offline game.

Don’t forget click your safe to get idle rewards. 🎁
👮♂️🚨 Be careful not to get arrested by the police and put in prison.

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