Starlit Kart Racing

Rockhead Games
آخر تحديث: 2021-09-27 إصدار: 1.5
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جميلة ممتعة👍😍 بعد آخر تحديث صارت تشتغل على النت ياريت ترجع بدون نت


بيها مشكلة ،، من احملها وعند اكتمال التحميل ويبدئ في التنصيب يقول هناك مشكلة في تحليل الحزمة


نكون فيها تقدر تروح مع خويك لعبه سياره يمكن تحطها اكثر نجوم خمس نجوم

Come show your skills as a pilot and your intelligence to use the super powers of karts! With this perfect combination, you will be the great Starlit Kart champion!

Adrenaline fuels the mind-boggling races between heroes and villains from Starlit Adventures! Do you dare to join this team?

* Race on dozens of exciting tracks
* Experience mud, rain and even night races
* Win special challenges and battles against the Starlit bosses
* Use superpowers and special items to turn disputes around
* Collect beautiful customizable karts
* Choose a category according to your pace (from 150cc to 600cc)

Yes, you are able to feel all that adrenaline!

Starlit Kart Racing is part of the Starlit franchise, which features free-to-play action and puzzle games for all ages available on mobile platforms and consoles. The fun is guaranteed by intelligent controls designed for a better experience with the adorable characters from the Starlit universe.

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