Crazy Plants: Random Defense

ALL9FUN Limited
آخر تحديث: 2021-06-18 إصدار: 1.1.128
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Ready for a Crazy Plants tower-defense clash?⚔️
Cultivate your fierce fruits and courageous plants!
Test your limit in this tower defense game!
Merge, level-up, and defend endless waves of invading monsters!

🌽Addictively Simple and Fast-Paced🌽
Every combat is fast-paced, action-packed, and can be completed in under 5 minutes. Start the game with just a few taps.

🍑Truly Tactical Experience🍑
Experiment with different line-ups, strategize your hero upgrade, and carefully manage SP in matches to crush your opponents and fight your way to the top.

🍅Over 40 3D Plant Heroes🍅
Choose from a wide selection of 40+ adorable 3D heroes and unlock their unique skills and abilities. Be sure to create a balanced deck capable of surviving long rounds and tackling various monster types.

🍍Thrilling PVP Mode🍍
Compete with friends or players around the world in PVP mode. Survive longer to win! The first to lose all 3 loses the match. Winner will be rewarded with trophies and random chests filled with goodies.

🍆Two is Better than One🍆
Carefully select your team comp and synergize with your partner in the Co-Op mode to survive wave after waves of monster invasion! Players will receive seeds based on the number of the rounds survived.

🏆Fair Competition in Random Arena🏆
Your strategy brain won't be idle in this Arena! Choose from a set of randomized heroes even if you don’t own them! Claim special rewards after each victory!


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