Huntdown: Cyberpunk Adventure

Coffee Stain Publishing
آخر تحديث: 2021-11-30 إصدار: 0.1
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لعبة ممتازه أستمتعت في كل مرحلة فيها و في كل بووس أنصح بهاذي العبة بقوة للناس الي تحب الاكشن و سرعة في القتال و تعدد الاسلحة و الشخصيات


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اللعبة اسطورية بس ليش لازم اشتري كامل اللعبة بس تجربة مرحلتين و خلص اتمنى تخلو اللعبة مجانية كاملة و ليس مرحلتين و لكن اللعبة خيالية و شكرا

Crime doesn’t pay… unless you’re a bounty hunter.

After landing on PC and consoles in 2020, cult hit Huntdown is now causing cut-throat chaos on mobile. Try out the demo first for free before buying the full game – slay criminals with no ads and no microtransactions!

Clean up the streets as one of three merciless bounty hunters in a pixel-painted metropolis overrun by violence and corruption. Inspired by the iconic action movies and arcade games of the 80s, take on the criminal underbelly of the city with a creative assortment of weapons and reclaim the city from anarchy.

Huntdown is the rip-roaring action comedy platformer that delivers fast-paced strategic 2D combat against four deadly gangs and a slew of crime bosses. Prepare to be hit by missiles, explosions, and hundreds of unique one-liners in this riotous adventure from Easy Trigger and Coffee Stain Publishing.


20 levels of platforming pandemonium: Blast your way from towering rooftops and highways to dingy alleyways and casinos as you leave a bloody trail through Huntdown’s bustling criminal underworld
Choose your bounty hunter: Play as the merciless ex-commando Anna Conda, cyborg John Sawyer, or modified droid Mow Man, each furnished with their own unique armaments. As well as machine guns and pistols, you can also chuck kunai, boomerangs and tomahawks to grind down your enemies
16-bit hand-crafted style: stunningly rendered pixel art, furnished with sidescrolling settings saturated with beautifully detailed backgrounds and animations

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